Credit Card Processing Systems

At WEBJEDININJA we are partnered with several merchant programs to provide a world class experience for our small business owners. As your business consultant we have negotiated the best rates possible to help your business thrive.

Our rates begin at 0.99%+ $0.15 per swipe and get as low as 0.25% + $0.05 per swipe for our membership clients who use us for many of our other great products and services. However we also offer flat-rate pricing and a new program known as our Cash Discount Option where merchants no longer have to carry the burden of pay for their clients processing rates. Go to our ONLINE APPLICATION page to learn more.

Credit Card Processing Product Line:

Our credit card processing systems are provided directly through our negotiated partners. It is through our services many of our small business owners enjoy rate reduction benefits when it comes to providing for their credit card processing needs. Our organization works with a wide range of merchant providers which allows us to negotiate the best products and services on the market for our small business owners. As your dedicated agent we fight for the best deal possible for our clients. Many of our pre-negotiated programs offer some of the following benefits:

              • Free Terminal Program: Ideal for the one site location "mom & pop" stores or on the go merchants.

              • FREE POS Systems: Based Around the needs of businesses which need to keep track of inventory, employees, and customer analytical data.

              • E-Commerce: Designed for businesses who wish to create a shopping cart, online invoicing, and self service shopping.

              • Vendor & Mobile Processing: Ideal systems for merchants who meet with their clients on the go and/or participate in vendor events. Product lines vary but are the best in class. To learn more about some of our current product line CLICK HERE

eCommerce Solutions

As a leading eCommerce provider, we are partnered with integrated features that are aligned with and PayTrace. For our max customer pricing structure, all merchants are encouraged to fill out an application. Each of these service providers offer integrated features for our clients through our online E-Commerce Stores that allow for easy integration into our website system through Webjedininja Web Platforms or your current website provider.

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