Tired vs. Interchange

Interchange vs. Tired Processing Fee Q &A:

  1. Why am I charged a fee to process credit card payments?:

      • To better understand what this means its first essential to under that all major credit card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express have a banking transaction fee every time one of those cards are swiped through a credit card processing system. The in return these agencies place these charges back onto the merchant when those cards are swiped. Based on the type of business a merchant runs, will determine the amount of fees in which they are charged.

  2. How are my rates calculated?

      • Rates are calculated on 2 simple steps by many credit card processing agencies. The first calculation is done on the type of business you run and the volume of transactions you are processing.

              • Tired Processing Example: If Joe and Mary own a small market on the corner and only process about $5000.00 a month in transactions, their rates would be based on the type of industry their in and the total amount of volume of transactions in which they are estimated to process. Since they are not anticipated to process a lot of credit card transactions, they will essentially pay a higher rate.

              • Interchange Processing Example: Sam owns 3 different grocery stores. He has 4 terminals at each store. He processes over $55,000.00/month at each of his stores. Based on the business evaluation, Sam will qualify for special rate discounts underneath the interchange processing program because he processes a higher volume of transactions throughout each month.

3. Why Are Small Businesses Charged Higher Rates Sometimes?

              • Based on the examples examples above, rates are usually based on volume. When a merchant does not have a lot of volume in their credit card processing transactions traditionally they have always been charged higher rates as they are not using the credit card processing system as much as compared to businesses who are processing thousands of dollars daily and traditionally qualify for higher transaction discounts.

4. How does USA Community Care LLC help small business owners with their rates?

              • All of our merchants are placed onto the interchange platform regardless of business structure. This means that all of our clients will be charged one flat rate during the duration they are processing with TSYS as one of our clients.

5. Is there an application fee to qualify for services?

              • Yes, there is a one-time $175 application fee to process your application with TSYS for the interchange processing rates. This fee is reduced and waived for merchants who sign up for one of USA Community Care's membership plans.

6. How can I receive the lowest interchange rate quoted?

              • Our agency is based on a membership platform. To qualify for the lowest rate quoted on our page, merchants must register their business for a Platinum Membership. This membership is a $150/month and includes a customized website, assistance with online marketing and advertising, access to our FREE online business class and community, being listed as a preferred in house provider for our other business community clients, and access to our FREE document template resource center which provides assistance with legal consulting, access to our preferred attorney list, and much more.

7. Can I receive special discounts if I register for a lower membership or use the a'la carte programs?

              • Yes, once again all of our merchants are placed onto the interchange processing platform. This means that no matter what your business structure is, you are still receiving a flat rate for all of your processing needs. Our highest flat rate is 0.99% + $0.15 per swipe and our lowest rate is 0.25% + $0.05 per swipe. We are dedicated to helping your business thrive which is why we offer these package deals.

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