Credit Card Processing: A General Overview

General Overview

Our credit card processing systems are provided directly through our negotiated partners. It is through our services many of our small business owners enjoy rate reduction benefits when it comes to providing for their credit card processing needs. Our organization works with a wide range of merchant providers which allows us to negotiate the best products and services on the market for our small business owners. As your dedicated agent we fight for the best deal possible for our clients. Many of our pre-negotiated programs offer some of the following benefits:

              • Free Terminal Program: Ideal for the one site location "mom & pop" stores or on the go merchants. Our Free Terminal Program offers (1) Free Terminal for new merchants.

Need an additional terminal? Send us an email as you may qualify for special pricing discounts when acquiring more than one terminal.

              • FREE POS Systems: Based Around the needs of businesses which need to keep track of inventory, employees, and customer analytical data.

              • E-Commerce: Designed for businesses who wish to create a shopping cart, online invoicing, and self service shopping.

              • Vendor & Mobile Processing: Ideal systems for merchants who meet with their clients on the go and/or participate in vendor events. Product lines vary but are the best in class.

FREE Terminal Program

Selecting the right terminal should be based on your businesses processing needs. Many of our systems are built to help strengthen your business while also supporting its ability to grow. The following programs are part of our FREE Terminal Placement Systems. No long term contracts, No Leases, and No Cancellation Fees simply pick a product that will suit your needs, read through our upfront pricing metrics, and if you are not satisfied return it and/or cancel your service. We make processing just that simple.

Common Q & A

What is Credit Processing & Why Do You need it?

Credit carding processing is a type of currency. Consumers especially in today's society are 10x's more likely to use a credit card to process their payment rather than cash or check. As the banking industry continues to offer new innovative ways to conducting transactions, this type of currency is expected to be one of the number one ways consumers exchange their currency for goods or services offered by your industry.

Why Does It Cost Money To Accept Credit Cards?

Generally speaking, when a merchant has a credit card processing machine in their business they are exchanging a specific type of currency for their good or services. It is through this currency exchange that allows the merchant to accept these types of payments within their establishment. This exchange process is regulated by the Security Exchange Commissions (SEC) and is partnered through VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and other credit card agencies. The way fees work for this industry is the credit card providers like VISA, for example will issue their forms of currency to the banks. The banks will then issue those forms of currency to consumers, and consumers will use these forms of currency to make purchases. The back and forth hand-off is essentially what costs money. For example, the creation of the card, to the issuance of the bank, the assurance of the payment, to the hands of the consumer, and then to the hands of the merchant allows for your plastic card to begin building value as it sits within your wallet. Though not all value is monetary, this type of exchange and growth can take place through reward programs and cash value incentives which may be provided by the issuing card member and/or your financial institution.