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WEBJEDININJA since 2014 has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners design, develop, organize, strategize, and implement their concepts into a structured development. Our goal has always been to support small business owners by providing them access to the tools, resources, and services they need to help their business thrive. As a business to business (B2B) sales organization our primary focus has always been to invest in our small business owners as they are the foundation that make a community strong.

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No matter what kind of business you are thinking about developing or currently running, our team of professionals and highly educated individuals can help you map our the perfect strategies to get your business off the ground. Our consultants come from various educational backgrounds such as retail, finance, legal, real estate, health care, and much more. When you partner with a consultant who understands your business and their needs then you known

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WEBJEDININJA is proud to announce our first ever POWER CLASS for business owners and organizational leaders taking place on:

May 26, 2022 @5pm PST

Online: (Link will be available here day of event)

Ticket Pricing: Tickets to this event $25.00. Please be advised tickets will NOT be sold the day of this event. All attending guests must purchase their tickets in advance to gain entry. Email confirmations will be issued within 48 hours prior to the hosting of this event.

Class Details:

This POWER CLASS will focus on working with business owners and nonprofit organizational leaders to support them in developing and writing an official Grant Proposal.


  • The official WEBJEDININJA Grant Proposal Template ($25 value)

  • A detailed step by step grant guide submission packet to offer support as to how to register your entity for Sam.gov, Grants.gov, and eRA Commons. ($125.00 value)

  • This class will be a 55 min online course that will be the first in a serious to provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofit leaders with the support they need to be successful at developing and applying for grant requests online using government entity systems.

Additional Information:

Please go to our POWER CLASS Page to learn more about how classes are scheduled, what materials you might need, and additional disclaimers that are associated to registering for any of our current or future online business class segments.

Disclaimers:This is a non-credit class and information shared or produced within this digital class may not be replicated or used for any other purposes outside of this event or our organizations intended use without explicit consent of WEBJEDININJA. All information and materials shared within this course are protected and are proprietary to our organizations use. If you have any questions about using our materials for personal or professional opportunities you may purchase these items through our organization. Please contact sales@webjedininja.com for further assistance.