What is a Business Loan?

A business loan serves as a financial tool designed to bolster your business's financial stability and credit standing. When contemplating the application for a business loan, several factors come into play, including your credit history, FICO score, and more. However, what if we informed you that you could secure funds based solely on your business's actual revenue?

Exploring Your Options

When evaluating your options for a business loan, it's crucial to grasp that applying for one opens up financial opportunities to not only strengthen your business's credit but also enhance the credit profile of the primary borrower. This collaborative opportunity doesn't just benefit your business; it also contributes to demonstrating creditworthiness for the primary borrower.

What Do I Need to Borrow with WEBJEDININJA?

Securing a loan from any financial institution typically requires the borrower to demonstrate that they or their business is generating income. This is why, at WEBJEDININJA, we encourage all potential borrowers to provide evidence of utilizing a credit card processing system.

How Can I Sign Up for a Credit Card Processor?

To enroll in a credit card processing service, begin by identifying the type of credit card processing equipment that suits your needs. Once you've made your selection, you can apply online or inquire about qualifying for one of our exclusive membership discount programs.

Is It Mandatory for Your Company to Service My Credit Card Processing?

No, our company is not obligated to be your credit card processor. However, having us as your credit card processor can streamline and expedite the application process.

I'm Prepared to Begin My Application.

If you are ready to apply click here to complete your application online now.