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Choosing the right domain name, SSL, or Email for your business or your website can be difficult, complicated, and frustrating. Especially, if it is your first time building or establishing a website or business online. At WEBJEDININJA we take a customized approach in helping our clients find the right name to match their business' model or needs. Speaking with a Business Consultant is a crucial part of our process to ensure that our clients are being given support in a one to one environment while ensuring that they are meeting their goals. Our team of highly qualified specialist will help you work within your budget to provide your customizable space. 

Keep customers happy, with the right Domain, SSL, and Email

Domain Name

Target specific markets and verticals with top-level domains (TLDs) that speak to your customers’ niche or location. We’ve got 550+ to choose from.


Hosted Email

Make a sizable margin with minimal work and no upfront cost. Our email delivers on must-have features, without the huge price tag. We specialize in Google Network Setups & Independent Networked Email Servers for all your devices

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Additional Benefits

SSL/TLS & Security

All websites need SSL. We’ll help you provide your customers with the right certificate, at the right price, including

How To Get Help

Schedule A FREE Consultation Today: 

Use link provided and you will be redirected to our organizations NEW CLIENT OPEN Calendar. Once redirected click on the the "New Client" Calendar to select a time for someone to meet with you online. Enter in the notes that you are seeking assistance with purchasing and mapping a "New Domain Name".