Common Q & A: Credit Card Processing

Interchange, Tiered, & Cash Discounting

Interchange vs. Tiered Processing

Why am I charged a fee to process credit card payments?:

How are my rates calculated?

This means that, due to their limited transaction volume, they may experience a slightly elevated processing rate compared to businesses with higher transaction volumes. The type of industry they are in also plays a role in determining their specific processing rates.

Due to the substantial transaction volume Sam handles across his stores, he qualifies for special rate discounts within the interchange processing program. This program offers him preferential rates and cost savings, recognizing the higher volume of transactions his business consistently processes. These discounts are a reflection of his business's efficiency in handling credit card transactions on a larger scale.

Why Are Small Businesses Charged Higher Rates Sometimes?

How does WEBJEDININJA help small business owners with their rates?

Is there an application fee to qualify for services?

How can I receive the lowest interchange rate quoted?

Cash Discounting

What is Cash Discounting?

Additional Fees To Keep In Mind

What are some of the additional fees I need to keep in mind when thinking about applying for a credit card processor?

Additional fees that can occur that are not listed within the standard fee agreements above are:

How To Avoid the $25.00 Monthly Minimum Fee

To avoid this fee our systems are best served for business who are processing on average about $100/week or more. If you are processing less, we encourage you to participate on our PAY AS YOU GO plan which is our basic service place that provides you with a valid processing option rate that is compatible with an APPLE or ANDROID device. To learn more about this program please go our PAY AS YOU GO section of this website. 

How To Avoid a PCI Compliance Fee

To avoid a PCI Compliance Fee your business must be PCI Compliant at all times. Once your account is approved and after our organization has built a processing relationship with you, our PCI Partners will run a risk evaluation on your business. Once this evaluation has been conducted they will contact you via email letting you know if you must complete the PCI Risk Assessment. If your business is required to complete this assessment, you will have 60 days to become compliant as per federal regulations before a non-compliant fee is assessed. To avoid a non-compliance fee, your business must be compliant, which means our PCI Partner must have on file your completed compliance assessment.