Flex Smart POS Terminal

General Overview:

The Payanywhere Traditional Wireless Smart Terminal comes with a 8" touchscreen utilizing Android Software. The device is EMV chip and magnetic stripe ready and includes a thermal paper receipt printer inside. This one of a kind processer covers all basic and extended processing needs as it includes NFC capability with its own 4G network, 2 cameras for barcode scanning, customer interfacing screen, along with a handle for easy mobility.

Traditional Pricing:

Our Traditional Pricing method is pricing that is based when a MERCHANT prefers to "pay" the processing fees for their customers. We offer 2 various types of setups knows as the Non Membership & Membership Pricing model. Our Non Membership Pricing Model is our standard non membership based rate pricing metric. The pricing quoted below is based on the use of Interchange Pricing for all application submissions. These pricing metrics are quoted with the intent to expedite a merchants application for approval. Approvals take on average 24-48 hours. Once an approval has been received the merchant may start processing immediately using their own smart device until the physical smart device processing system arrive.

Non Members

0.75% + 0.10 per swipe

Additional Fees:

  • One-Time Acct. Setup Fee: $95.00

  • Annual Fee: $99.00

  • Daily Batch Fee: $0.10

  • Monthly Basic Service Fee: $7.50

  • Monthly Wireless Fee: $15.00

  • Monthly Online Portal Access: $14.95

  • Monthly Software Fee: $19.95

  • Terminal Cost: FREE

Membership Pricing

To receive customized prizing for this terminal please call 1-877-237-9069 or send our sales team an email at sales@webjedininja.com

Cash Discount Pricing:

Our Cash Discounting Pricing is used nationwide by many merchants who no longer wish to pay processing fees. This program pushes the processing fee for each transaction back on to the customer during checkout. This places more money back into your business while allowing you to still service customer who wish to pay for your products and/or services at the time of check. Having this option not only streamlines an easier check out but also encourages your business continued financial success. All pricing for this program is the same regardless if you hold a membership or not.

Program Fees:

  • One-Time Acct. Setup Fee: $95.00

  • Annual Fee: $99.00

  • Daily Batch Fee: $0.05

  • Monthly Basic Service Fee: $5.00

  • Monthly Wireless Fee: $15.00

  • Monthly Online Portal Access: $14.95

  • Monthly Software Fee: $19.95

Additional Fees To Keep In Mind

Additional fees that can occur that are not listed within the standard fee agreements above are:

  • Monthly Minimum Fee $25.00

  • PCI Compliance Fee (Varies Based on Business Risk- Average Annual Fee for Non-Compliance $49.95)

How To Avoid the $25.00 Monthly Minimum Fee

To avoid this fee our systems are best served for business who are processing on average about $100/week or more. If you are processing less, we encourage you to participate on our PAY AS YOU GO plan which is our basic service place that provides you with a valid processing option rate that is compatible with an APPLE or ANDROID device. To learn more about this program please go our PAY AS YOU GO section of this website.

How To Avoid a PCI Compliance Fee

To avoid a PCI Compliance Fee your business must be PCI Compliant at all times. Once your account is approved and after our organization has built a processing relationship with you, our PCI Partners will run a risk evaluation on your business. Once this evaluation has been conducted they will contact you via email letting you know if you must complete the PCI Risk Assessment. If your business is required to complete this assessment, you will have 60 days to become compliant as per federal regulations before a non-compliant fee is assessed. To avoid a non-compliance fee, your business must be compliant, which means our PCI Partner must have on file your completed compliance assessment.